Getting Back in the game without Motivation!!


Are you dragging yourself to work every day?

Is there a nagging thought at the back of your mind that keeps grinding and grinding and grinding?

Or maybe, you know deep down inside you have it in you, but you just can’t put yourself together to get it done and over with?

Well! We all hit rock bottom at some point in life. Studies show that most such downfalls are rooted in bad relationships.

That may be a father-son/daughter relationship or a bad breakup with your partner and yes not to forget the bullying, ruffles among friends, so on and so forth.

I have seen friends and family using music and motivational speech as therapy. Yes, that’s a good way to tell yourself you are healing.

For many, that is the only way and they do not know any other way.

Waking up, routine chores [you can fill any job from the stay at home mom to the highly paid CEOs] and crashing back with the same feeling of emptiness every single day thinking about that “lack of motivation”.

It doesn’t have to be like that at all!

Motivation is not something you can hide behind. You may be telling others about it but don’t kid yourself because you are the fool here.

Now breathe and accept that you have made the wrong moves in the past that you lead here, no no, don’t ignore the external factors.

You cannot really do anything about them otherwise they wouldn’t be external factors, would they now?

Now that we are on the same page, there are a few simple habits you need to check and fix – if needed – to get back on your feet without any motivation.

And no! I am not promising that you will feel awesome at the end of it, you will feel what you must and that is for you to find out.

Stomach and Diet

An upset stomach can cause more troubles than you can even begin to imagine. Unhealthy stomach simply translates as “unhealthy lifestyle”.

Yes, even if you do yoga or go to the gym every day. If you are not eating healthy you are exerting a broken machine that is bound to crash soon.

Be vigilant, and I mean literally as if you are guarding the royal treasure vigilant, and don’t let any trash into your stomach. Of course, a little snack once in a blue moon doesn’t hurt.

Get to know your diet and what is upsetting your stomach. There is only one way, observe what you eat and eliminate what is bad. The rule of thumb here? Organic!

Sleep Habits

Sleep matters just as much if not more than stomach and diet. You must look at your height and body weight to find out the optimal amount of sleep you need daily.

Don’t worry if you find out along the way that if you sleep more than 8 hours you are considered lazy. Just forget about it and keep going.

Sleep properly even if it is more than 8 hours but make sure you are progressing towards a better lifestyle in other departments of your daily routine as well.

Work-Life Balance

Yes, everything comes down to work-life balance. The balance between your work life and your personal life that often gets so blurred that you start mixing up.

You were angry at a co-worker and took out at home on your kid or your spouse is a classic example.

There is no absolute rule, it varies from person to person and profession to profession.

But if there is a rule of thumb to follow it would be don’t work in an industry that doesn’t satisfy you.

You may be stuck in one already but don’t give in just yet. You need to understand yourself better before you make your next move.

Studies, however, do reveal that people working in an industry that can fill their sense of personality are happier in their work life leading to easy work-life balance.

The clock doesn’t matter to you, but it might to your boss. Reprioritize your schedule and stick to it.

Exercise, Sports, Workout

You may be doing this already or just might have been thinking about it lately. In any case, more than the activity what matters is your mindset.

Why do you want to do yoga? Is it for your crush or because you feel that yoga is your activity?

Why have you joined the gym? Is it for the looks or you believe it will make you a healthier person?

May it be mixed martial arts or cardio at home. You need to understand that you need to commit to it because you are doing it for your body and not for the kinks.


Above all, yes believe in yourself that you can do it. You might be wondering; how can I believe in myself when I’m broken? It’s simple, you must do all of this to believe in yourself.


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