Quick organic remedies to keep you warm this winter


If you aren’t aware of the term “Winter is coming” people would probably look at you as if you have been living under a rock all these years while the “normal” world was enjoying the tales of betrayals and atrocities in the King’s landing.

Worry not, “normal” is a just a matter of perception, we are aliens for a martian and of course for a cat or a mouse, any living being except our species; the Homosapiens.

Since you live in the real world that cares less about what goes on in Westeros and King’s Landing and more on what happens in the real world the winter is here, and we have compiled this list of organic remedies to keep you warm this winter and every winter hereafter:

Baked/Roasted Orange

Sounds weird? Well, it is one of the oldest remedies in the East for a quick booster when you are suffering a sore throat, flu and feeling a bit feverish. The remedy itself is easy as easy as one, two and three that takes hardly five minutes of prepping the orange.

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Take a ripe orange and a wooden stick. A common shashlik or bakery stick would do perfectly fine.

Pierce the orange right in the middle.

Now roast the orange on a simple stove for about five minutes.

Make sure you heat all the side in equal proportions.

Honey with Hot Water

Yes, the honey and almond tip never expires there is a long list of medicinal uses and benefits when it comes to honey.

These uses extend to more than just simple application such as an organic sweetener owing to the anti-bacterial nature of honey.

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Having said all that, when it comes to remedying a quick cold or the winter allergies a tablespoon of natural honey diluted in hot water can do wonders for your throat, nasal congestion, and even allergy-related headaches.

Maryland doctor Ariane Cometa explains also shared with the medical publisher that she has been using a diluted syrup of honey for symptoms of the cold.

A little word of advice, never give honey to infants, that’s an absolute no-no.

Ginger and Garlic Tea

Ginger and garlic are two known organically available agents to fight the common cold, and this has become a household fact.

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Well, for the skeptics, a study was conducted with over a hundred and forty participants, shows that ginger doesn’t only remedy common cold symptoms but also curbs severe symptoms.

Precaution Against Common Cold

Not everything about common colds is in the remedies. Experts agree that taking precautions can help you stay safe and keep your family and friends at a far lower risk to catch a common cold or rhinovirus in medical terms.

Salt Water

Yup, a remedy as simple as that is also a good way to clear your sore throat but no it is not a proper cure for a cold.

Preventive measures sometimes become more important than the remedies themselves especially if you have a prior history of sinus or lack of immunity against rhinovirus.

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Add half a tablespoon to lukewarm water and gargle twice a day every day, yup it can go with your toothbrush routine.

Vitamin C

Make sure you are taking ample intake of vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables. Brocolli, lemon, peppers, spinach, cabbage, potato, and tomato must become your next best friends throughout winter.

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It would keep your immunity levels high serving as an additional shield against the common cold and various other winter viruses.

Warm Clothing

Yes, above all else, you have to make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing. Don’t miss out on your gloves just because it is going to be a quick ride out and back in. That ride might just prove fatal for your health in winter.

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Make sure you cover your ear, feet and neck at the very least at all times to stay protected against the cold and viruses. Next comes your chest which is, of course, the source of most infections. Hope you have a great winter this year.

Happy Winter Folks


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