Watch Out For These Lung Disease’s Signs


Often you ignore an ailment, it can be a cough while you are working on a laptop or you may feel a minor problem in breathing but you think it as something a part of your routine. If sometimes it gets intense, you go for temporary solutions; home-medication or something that can give you relief for a time being. Some people don’t pay proper attention to these ailments or just even a nagging cough. You might have heard people saying that their cough or sneezing is because of the age factor; they are getting older which means it’s quite normal.

It is of utmost importance to pay proper attention to these symptoms. You never know you might be suffering from lung diseases like Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and Lung cancer. It’s necessary for you to understand the signs and symptoms so that you can stay aware and recognize these diseases at the initial stage. Here we have compiled a list of all the signs that may help you recognize lung disease before it gets worse. Go for a checkup to avoid severe lung-related diseases.

Lung Diseases Signs

Have a look at these signs and stay alert, whenever you having these minor ailments, go for a proper treatment. Procrastinating in this regard may land you in some serious trouble.

Chronic Cough

A general perception about chronic cough is that it’s normal that it’s just a small ailment which lasts for almost a month. Chronic cough results in sleepless nights; it might exhaust you and cause pain in your chest. Chronic cough can sometimes result in vomiting and lightheadedness. It feels like some kind of liquid is flowing down in your throat. It’s just what it seems like, but it might be more than just a nagging cough. Temporary medicines can give you relief but if the duration increased from one month then you should consult your doctor. Chronic cough is the main symptom of almost all the lung diseases.

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Shortness of Breath

When you hear that someone is suffering from shortness of breath it means that they are having some sought of problem in breathing, it’s also known as breathlessness. You don’t get the required amount of oxygen for inhalation. This makes you feel breathless. People often experience it while walking, running, climbing upstairs or even coming downstairs. Breathlessness sometimes comes gradually and makes you uncomfortable or it can come all of a sudden, you may suddenly feel breathless. Shortness of breath is curable. You can get rid of it by just changing your lifestyle but if you still feel tightness in your chest and breathless than you should consult with your doctor or medical health provider and get them checked out.


Mucus Production

Mucus also known as sputum or phlegm, it is basically a sticky thick liquid produced by the airways. Mucus is a natural defence system against all the pollutants, the infections, dust and irritants. Generally, a human body produces 1-1.5 litres of mucus in a day. It has all the necessary antibody and bacteria-killing enzymes which are very helpful for a human body to get rid of the infections. It’s quite natural that the quantity of mucus increases when you are suffering from flu, cold and coughing. If you not suffering from flu, cold or coughing and still the quantity of mucus increase then it’s a sign of some lung related diseases.


Coughing up Blood

Coughing can result in severe diseases but if you coughing up the blood; no matter how much it is, you shouldn’t take it for granted as it may a symptom of some serious lung disease. In medical terms coughing up blood is known as hemoptysis. There are some reasons why you cough up blood. When there is some problem in your respiratory tract or lungs when you cough up blood. If you ignore it and not address the root cause of this disease then it will get worse with every single day.  Do whatever you can to stop it; quit smoking avoid polluted place but consult your doctor immediately. If you delayed, Absit omen it might result in some serious life-threatening disease.

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