Want to go all out for Halloween this year on a low Budget


5 simple ideas to give an enviable edge this Halloween using what you already have!

  • Scarecrow

Marie McGrath / The Joy of Fashion

Makeup: Blush to give an autumn hue to your face (red/yellowish orange usually works well). And eyeliner to make the stitch patterns required to complete the scarecrow look. For a darker twist, you can use eyeshadow for a hollowed-eyed look and darker shades on the lips.

Outfit: The outfit is easy to manage, all you need is a plaid shirt, some overalls, and a straw hat (though anything hat would work fine). Though if you can’t find a hat, then a few Autumn colored leaves or wildflowers place in your hair makes a stronger statement. Alternatively, you can go for the burlap sack (yup, here it is again), not over your face, but as an outfit! Simply cut out arms and head holes and you are good to go!

  • Asylum Inmate (Technically these are 2)

With characters like Harley Quinn captivating audiences, the psycho look can either be incredibly sexy or terrifying. Depending on how you want to play it.



Outfit: An old baseball tee, with some fishnet stockings (or any kind really) and waist shorts. The shorts usually match the hair and eyes, but simple black or jean shorts would work as well.

If you are looking for a darker side of loony, and an arguably more fun side, then:

YOUTUBE/Lucy Garland

Makeup: Remember how you were when you were little and got access to makeup and a mirror for the first time? Yeah just like that! Go Crazy!

Outfit: So here we have two options: one being the classic orange jumpsuit, and one being a patient’s gown. If you just happen to have a spare orange jumpsuit lying around then a Halloween outfit is the least of your concerns…Instead, a plain orange T-shirt with orange cargo/pajama pants or tights would work just as well! Alternatively, you could go for a long Orange shirt and some boots

A patient’s gown is somewhat easier to find and to improvise. In absence of a gown, an oversized white button-down blouse, slightly torn or smeared with blood (Fake please!) gets the idea across. Pair that with anything but jeans and pants and you should be well on your way

  • Vampire

YouTube/Desi Perkins

People have a seemingly inherent fascination with Vampires. Use that to add to your allure this Halloween!

Makeup: Blush, Mascara, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, and Lipstick use these to lethal effect! All kinds of red and dark lipstick works with this costume, accentuate your eyes and match the shadow to your lipstick for the greatest effect.

Outfit: This is your excuse to pull out that black dress that has been gathering dust in your wardrobe! Boots or heels would work equally well, though boots will help you better catch your prey…unless of course, they are coming to you!


  • Barbie

YouTube/Kandee Johnson

Though none are more classic than Barbie! Whether you are blonde or have a spare wig lying around, Barbie has been a classic part of any girl’s (and most guys’ though, they’ll never admit it) upbringing, The best part about Barbie has always been its versatility, and simplicity!

Makeup: There are a few tutorials for this as well, but you don’t really need anything! For a classic look though, hot pink lipstick, if need be blue eye lenses, and blonde hair (or wig) gives you the iconic Barbie look. If you don’t, any type of makeup combination would go well here!

Outfit: In classic barbie style, any dress or outfit would really do. Go all out and where that outfit you paid too much more and haven’t had the occasion to wear. Make sure you gather all the accompanying accessories (Big glasses, hat, scarves, watch, bags, shoes etc.)! The best part about this costume is you can really bring whatever you want to it! So if all else fails, Go Barbie!



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