Discipline, Travel, and Money: Stop! You can pick better #NewYear resolutions


Each year, we are presented with an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and a chance to make some much-needed changes in our lifestyle. Each year, many of us vow to eat more healthy, travel more and make better financial decisions. And the thought:

New year, new me.

These goals aren’t bad per se, but you can do better. Here are some ideas to shed a new perspective on your new year resolutions to help you make this year to bring a positive change in your life without making a dent in your well-being.

Self-compassion: Prioritize mental health

Most of the time, our resolve to change something comes from the wells of perfectionism we carry within. We also tend to be a little hard on ourselves for no other reason than the fact that we can’t stand ourselves to be less than perfect, disciplined and perhaps a bit better.

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Make a change this year and instead of beating yourself up for not doing something celebrate all the things you did. Reward yourself for every step you take towards your goals instead of always criticizing the step you missed. Don’t forget to give your best effort, recognize what you could have done better, and make changes, but at the end of the day, remember to practice self-compassion and self-love.

Learn something new: Start a passion project

As a student, employee or a working professional, we are always focused on learning something new. In fact, each year, many of us promise to learn a new skill to improve our earning potential. Amidst all this, what we forget is that our happiness is also important. We may not always be working in a field we are passionate about, but we can always find time to pursue something we love just for the sake of mental well-being.

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This year, another task you can add to your new year’s resolution list is to sign up for that craft class you have always wanted to take. Take up a new hobby, craft, baking, knitting, bullet journaling or whatever interests you. Pursue your passion without waiting for ‘the time’ to do it. Now is the chance to invest your time in yourself and enjoy the simple pleasure of engaging in a hobby you enjoy.

Gratitude: Accept you are where you are supposed to be

Each year we look back at the previous year with a little bit of dread. We realize how much we didn’t accomplish, how we failed to achieve something we promised to achieve – but what we manage to overlook is the fact that we survived another year, learned some important life lessons and made some progress.

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This year, choose to practice gratitude. Learn to see the silver lining and accept that everyone progresses forward at their own pace. And you are equally entitled and allowed this liberty. Perhaps, you are not where you want to be; this doesn’t mean you’ll never get where you’re supposed to be. Trust in the process, accept that your path is different from everyone else around you and that will get you where you need be – in time.

Stop and breathe: Don’t lose sight of what’s important

Whether it is your goal to lose weight or travel more – the things to remember is the process that counts instead of the end result. Some people sign up for crash diets that make them feel miserable to the core! Yet to achieve their ‘goal’ of losing weight, they end up doing it. In this circumstance, what we forget is that our goal shouldn’t be to lose weight, it is to be healthy.

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Practice mindfulness in your daily life. Don’t lose sight of what’s important in the pursuit of the end. Learn to enjoy the journey – setback and successes alike. Remember, when it comes to the self, taking the journey and learning along the way is more important than getting to the destination.

Stay mindful: Enjoy the small things

In our daily hustle to get things done, we forget to enjoy the small things in life. We forget that we are not a robot whose sole job is to go through the motions of everyday tasks to get something done. Whether it’s making your bed every day or drinking your early morning cup of coffee, we do them just to get them done.

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This year vow to stay engaged with your life. Find enjoyment in daily tasks like making your bed, going through your everyday skincare routine, taking a shower or even folding your laundry. When you are mindful of what you are doing and ‘why’ you are doing it, even trivial tasks become enjoyable.

Ultimately, life goes on. Stop, breathe, and think. Don’t let your haste to get to the end stop you from enjoying the journey that is life. How are you going to bring a positive change in your life?


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