How to make a unique fashion statement on a budget?


Who doesn’t like looking good, all the while having a great style? It’s easier said than done, and you may notice that it takes you some time to figure out and polish your style. By then you have accumulated a lot of clothing which you have either never worn or aren’t ever going to wear.

Let’s figure out how you can make a unique fashion statement without breaking the bank and staying on a budget.

Figure out your unique aesthetic

Before you can build a wardrobe that successfully matches and compliments your personality, you need to figure out your aesthetic. Unless you already know your aesthetic style, you have to go through an exploration phase where you will try out various styles, types and may even hop on to various trends.

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At the end of the day, every individual has a particular aesthetic or combination of aesthetic that they stick, they. This style is based on pure comfort and what perfectly complements your personality.

If you know your aesthetic then move on to the next step. If not figure it out by trying this fun quiz.

Review and manage what you have

To build a unique wardrobe on a budget you would need to give away or transform items and accessories to match your style. Dive into your closet and start reviewing all the items you currently own. Divide them into three piles:

Pile 1: Stuff that matches your style perfectly

Pile 2: Stuff that can be transformed/DIY-ed to match your style

Pile 3: Stuff that was never worn since the purchase

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Take an afternoon out and try everything on. If you didn’t like how it looks on you, or how it highlights some part of your body you are not so confident about, then it belongs in the 3rd pile. If it’s something you enjoy wearing from time to time, add it to the 1st pile. If it’s something, you can upgrade with an accessory or belt add it to the 2nd pile.

Once you have decided which items to keep and which to give away, you need to start reviewing what your closet is currently missing. Perhaps all the items that made it through the purge are similar in style? Or maybe you realize you don’t even own any reds, instead, your closet is made up entirely of blues and greens.

Make a list of things your closet needs to be able to complement various occasions and seasons.

Now, begin with the 3rd pile and either give items away to someone who’d like them and can likely use them or auction off on the internet. Because we all have at least a few expensive clothing items in our wardrobe which we bought on a whim to be never worn. They can be sold off to finance a new purchase.

Look for some classics to add to the wardrobe

Based on your chosen style, there would be some items which remain a classic. For example, if you are a guy, a pair of classic shoes would add to your closet. Buy something which you can pair with multiple outfits. For a woman, this item can be an evening dress which you can wear to a business party or a fancy date.

List out some items your closet is missing and start shopping. You may be missing some mid-range items which can be bought from your local shop or Target.

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When buying specialty items check clearance rack or hunt them on various sales like Black Friday or new store opening sale of a brand of your choice.

While buying items on a budget, go for solids over patterns. Solid prints are easy to pair with various items, compared to prints which will limit your choices. Having solids allow you to mix and match, thus making it seem like you have a lot of options for any occasion.

Set a monthly budget for shopping

It may seem impossible to shop on a budget, but have a monthly budget for shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories. Check stores occasionally to keep an eye out for a flash sale. You can also check out a few thrift stores near you. Though usually a hit or miss, you can stumble upon a gem every once in a while.

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Lastly, remember your end goal while trying to make a fashion statement is financial freedom and sticking to a budget. Shop and dress well to make yourself happy, not to make others happy.

Keep your end goal in sight and slowly build up a unique wardrobe that makes you feel good about yourself.


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