Loneliness can be healthy, here is why #ILoveBeingAloneBecause



In a world where you are constantly bombarded with social, political and news updates every second of the day, loneliness can be a healthy choice.

Even though loneliness and solitude have always been looked at something to be avoided at all cost, it is healthy when chosen willingly. Humans have grown accustomed to being so in touch that even one hour without internet seems like a day long and this is where the problem lies.

We have stopped making time for ourselves. Social media keeps hogging up every free moment of our lives, leaving no room for introspection. The situation has become so bad that people have to take month long sabbaticals from the internet to regain control of their thoughts.

#ILoveBeingAloneBecause solitude is a catalyst for creative energy

Even though, it’s a common perception that groups are better for generating ideas it is a proved by research that brainstorming is far more productive when done alone. If you are a creative or work in a creative field, then you need to be alone to focus on your work and coming up with new ideas and work through problems.

This is the exact reason why authors and artists rent a cabin in the woods or have secluded workspaces in their home. They know the importance of being alone with their thoughts is the main component of creative work.

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#ILoveBeingAloneBecause it offers room for personal growth

Being alone provides you with an opportunity to figure out who you are without your friends, spouse and other relations around you. When people constantly surround you, your view of self is related to those with you. In a social setting you are a friend, a sibling, a spouse or a parent, but when you are alone – you are your own person.

Being alone allows you to focus on your personal growth and advancement whether it is in the form of getting yourself a cup of tea or taking a long bath. Spending time alone gives you a chance to think about your life and your goals as an individual.

#ILoveBeingAloneBecause it allows freedom to me myself

While too much solitude is bad for anyone, choosing to take some ‘me’ time out every once in a while, is not a bad thing. Being alone allows you to introspect and get hold of your feelings and thoughts. It also allows you to think without any outside influence and be unapologetically yourself.

Because the fact is that no matter how close or comfortable you are with a person, there is always a thin veil present between you and them. You can never be truly yourself in the presence of another person and to unveil your true feelings and thoughts, this alone time is not only important but also necessary.

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#ILoveBeingAloneBecause it provides a mental energy boost

If you are an introvert then being alone is not optional but rather your ticket to staying sane. Introverts are individuals who recharge mentally and physically by spending time alone. This could include reading a book, working on a side project all by themselves or writing a journal.

Spending time alone is not just important for introverts. Studies show the ability to stay alone is linked to better life satisfaction, increased happiness, and better stress management. Additionally, people who spend time alone are less prone to depression.

#ILoveBeingAloneBecause it fosters better social connections

Now it may seem counterintuitive, but being alone help, you foster better social relationships with people around you. When you are in a better mental space, you are automatically a person to be around.

The truth is that when each social interaction doesn’t come at the cost of your personal time, you appreciate each social interaction and enjoy it to the fullest.

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Get proactive about spending some time alone

Schedule some ‘me time’ in your busy schedule. Even 10 minutes is a good start.

You can incorporate this in your daily life by removing distractions and other activities from your daily routine. Instead of listening to a podcast while you have your morning coffee, choose to focus on your thoughts about how you are feeling.

Relax and just be with yourself and your thoughts. It’s a form of meditation. Listen to what your mind and body are telling you and don’t disregard any discoveries you make about yourself.

If you aren’t used to being ‘not busy’ then this exercise might seem difficult at first, but you won’t regret making this a habit.


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