The most protected places in the world; fascinating is the word!


Think your neighborhood bank is heavily guarded? Think again. While traveling, we often come across places heavily guarded but to what extent?

When you think of a place being protected, you imagine a few guards, some security cameras and perhaps motion sensors, but you will find that the most protected places in the world carry much more punch and go to extremes to protect the things and secrets contained within them.

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Fort Knox

Fort Knox is a household name for protection; it is used in everyday conversations to define unbreakable defensive measures. Fort Knox is a US Bullion Depository, which means that it is a storage place for gold and stores a whopping 147.3 million ounces of gold in it. The fort is all protected by solid granite walls, machine guns, heavily guarded perimeter, and a 22 Ton blast door which can take any large blast and is secure by intricate lock system.

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Vatican Secret Archives

If you have ever watched or read “Angels and Demons” you know that the Vatican has secret archives. There are only speculation and conspiracies for what the archives hold, but only some selected have access to them. Some suggest that it holds content that would contradict the bible or other such things, but who knows? Needless to say, it is heavily protected, and no one is allowed inside without approval, and many documents need extra approval to view. In fact, you need to prove that you are a serious scholar with no funny business to access the archives and the credentials once granted are renewed every six months.

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Area 51

Area 51 has been the point of speculation for thousands of conspiracies – from aliens to spaceships to human experiments – all of these have been attached to Area 51. The actual name for Area 51 was Homey Airport or Groom Lake. It is a secret military base, and nobody can enter it without security clearance, no one can fly over it either. It is guarded with armed military, and any trespassers are caught and heavily fined if they get into its boundary.

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Bank of England Gold Vault

Gold is probably the most precious commodity in the world, that is why it is stored so heavily by governments and so heavily guarded. Another one of such vaults is Bank of England Gold Vault. This is UK’s largest gold vault houses nearly 5152 tons of gold in it. It is speculated to be more than 47 stories deep and is heavily guarded. The place is completely bombproof, and its door can only be unlocked by voice and multiple 3-foot-long keys.

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The Mormon Church’s Vault of Secret

The Mormon Church’s secret vault is said to contain genealogical records of great importance along with many valuable historical records. The vault is located in Utah inside a Granite mountain and is heavily guarded. The records are protected in climate-controlled vaults and are said to contain immigration papers and 35 billion images along with other documents. Though the granite mountain offers natural protection, the vault is further guarded by high tech security including heat sensors, motion detectors. The door of the vault itself weighs 14-ton and can protect the vault against all calamities including even a nuclear blast.

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Cheyenne Mountain Complex

The complex used to be the base of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and is located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This complex was built back when the Cold war was at its peaks, and the nuclear bunker strong is said to be enough to survive a nuclear blast. The actual base is buried deep within the mountain and heavily guarded by several layers of granite along with two 25-ton doors which can withstand an impact from a 30-megaton nuclear blast.

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Doomsday Seed vault

Doomsday Seed vault is located in the Svalbard which is an isolated landscape in the remotest places of the world. The vault is protected by one-meter thick steel reinforced concrete and blast-proof doors along with technology like motion sensors, and airlocks. The vault is one-of-a-kind and is designed to store a wide variety of seeds. The idea behind the vault is to protect mankind and give it a chance to survive afterward in case of a natural or man-made disaster. The cold climate conditions should be able to keep the seeds safe from any disaster for centuries and are mankind’s hope for survival.


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