These diseases can turn you into a superhero


When you hear the word disease or medical condition you think about something horrible and debilitating. And most of the medical condition fit that description. Besides being a financial burden, any disease takes us away from daily lives and plunge into a spiral of doom, and little can said to sympathize with any kind of disease because they literally are the ultimate state of unease.

But sometimes, and some diseases can be a superpower in disguise, and if it were a comic book, they would be deemed as superpowers.

Let’s see what are some of these superpower inducing diseases and what happens when someone has this condition.

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“Thymesia” is a Greek word which means “memory” and hyper means super, basically this syndrome gives people an extremely cool ability of a super memory. The people with this condition have a memory that allows them to remember events down to even the minutest details.

The only downside or kryptonite for these people is that they only remember those memories in detail which are related to them or were significant enough. Still, you don’t want to mess with these people; they can recall memories in depth or call you out on any lie.

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Congenital Analgesia

Have you ever fallen in your childhood and scraped your knee? What about a simple paper cut? It hurts, doesn’t it? In times like those, a lot of us have wished how awesome it would be to not feel pain at all, just like Deadpool. Well, this condition is exactly that. People who have Congenital analgesia don’t feel pain at all and have never felt pain in their lives.

While this may seem like a perfect superpower, like all superpowers this has its kryptonite too, which is that these people can’t tell when given a chance need medical attention or they have broken something.

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Savant Syndrome

We all wish to be super intelligent and ace all our classes with little to no effort. Well, let us introduce the Savant syndrome. This syndrome is seen in people with autism or Asperger’s and the abilities are spread across a wide range. Needless to say, the people with the syndrome have a complete Rainman like abilities in their arsenal.

They are extremely talented artistically in drawing, painting, 3D cartography and some show talent with numbers and mathematics, calculating 3-digit multiplication. The downside? These people show immense talent in some field but lack a lot in other skills in life. Talk about game balancing.

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Muscle Hypertrophy Syndrome

Most of us die to try and get a muscular body, and some people don’t have to try for it, it’s almost like they have got some SUPERPOWER! Introducing the Muscle Hypertrophy Syndrome, this syndrome causes a myostatin inhibition mutation in the body which causes it to retain high amounts of muscle and less amount of fat. This mutation was first discovered in a cow, and since then it has been identified in humans.

People affected by this mutation show a high amount of muscle from the beginning and very little fat in their bodies. Having high amounts of muscle means high strength too thus these people are also strong and can do feats which people can seldom do at their age. It may seem like there is very little that is kryptonite to this “disease,” other than the fact that fat is essential for our bodies and extremely low amounts of fat can be lethal or at least uncomfortable.

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Urbach-Wiethe disease

If you thought fear was a universal feeling, then think again. Remember Rorschach from the movie Watchmen? Fear is as much a product of our brain and hormone as anything else, however, due to brain malfunctioning or head trauma some people can literally not feel any fear. This condition is called the Urbach-Wiethe disease where a person can’t feel any fear due to the malfunctioning amygdala which indicates to us about fear and thus rendering us unable to feel fear. People who suffer from it can go through a gun to the head experience and not even flinch their eye or have any fear later on.

These people become so fearless that upon going through something which would surely render a normal person shivering with fear, they don’t even feel their heartbeat rise, because they have no reaction to such a thing.

Which one these conditions you find the most interesting? If given a chance would you choose to have any of these diseases?


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