Traveling to Japan? Be ready for these weird things!


Are you thinking of traveling to Japan? Japan is filled with unique and crazy experiences including amazing food, culture, and memories to last you a lifetime. Among these, there are weird things that can only be experienced in Japan, and if you are visiting, you shouldn’t miss them for the world!

Here are some of most weird things you can experience in Japan but these are just the tip of the iceberg.

No Tipping

What? No tipping? Tipping is customary in almost all the cultures around the world, however, in Japan, you are not obligated to tip anyone. In fact, if your tip is returned or refused, don’t consider it rude because it’s not the norm. This means that when in Japan, you are just expected to enjoy your meal and have fun without going through the trouble of recalling middle school mathematics to count the tip.

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Animal Cafe

Just when you started thinking that Japan can’t get any weird, you come to know about the various animal cafes in Japan. There are a variety of cafes around Japan known as animal cafes where you can go, grab a coffee, grab a book, and find a cat to accompany you as you have a nice time. You read that right; these Animal Cafes allow you to interact with animals while you grab your daily coffee or just having a chat. Who would want to let this chance go by? Not us.

Capsule Hotels

Space is a luxury in the center of Tokyo, and real estate development is a challenge. You’ll find how cleverly this is tackled there when you see these capsule hotels. These are small capsule like hotels where you go only to catch some zzz’s. These capsules are about 6.5 foot long, approximately 4 foot wide, and 3 foot high. Originally for businessmen who couldn’t afford living here and needed small time living space, they have gained popularity among tourists who stay the night just to experience the capsule hotels. Perfect for low budget travelers who don’t mind a small space for a small price, capsule hotels are a must try when in Japan.

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Maid Cafés

Do you love cute food and want to eat pancakes in the shape of a cute bear or ice cream with a nice smiley face on it? If the answer is yes, then Maid café should be on your list of attraction to check out. On top of serving extremely kawaii food, they are served by cute looking girls dressed as maids. This may sound weird, and it is, that’s why we have it in here. There are more than 200 of these cafes across Japan. These maids are young and dressed in a classical maid outfit with frills and bows with an added accessory of animal ears to add to the cuteness. Once you are inside the cafe, these maids will treat you as their master or mistress, which you may find fun or weird, but definitely worth experiencing.

Vending Machines

Another thing that’s unique to Japan is its large number of vending machines. These vending machines are like the Transformers of the robot world. Not only do they allow you to rapidly buy beverages and snacks but the kind of snacks these vending machines hold is completely mind-blowing. You will find hot and cold beverages, bananas, ramen of different types, cooked steak, fried chicken and what not. And the good thing about them is that they are available everywhere and they are stocked with fresh food daily. These vending machines are so popular that people go out of their way to try them out because they are such an alien concept for people outside Japan.

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Public Baths

If you are one of those people who like to fill up your bath at the end of the day with warm water and just take a relaxing deep dive into it for hours, then you would love this. The only catch is that you get to socialize with other people while being naked. You read that right, it is completely normal and part of the culture to have public baths where people bath together and socialize. These baths are separated by gender, and it is not as awkward or weird as you might think.

Have you visited any of these weird attractions in Japan? How was your experience?


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