40 Questions You Need to Ask Your Best Friends


Friendship is quite interesting when you think about. It’s a truly unique kind of love where you aren’t legally bound to a contract that keeps you together, nor is there an unspoken rule that you must love each other unreservedly and without question. Additionally, you aren’t committed to putting more than what you’re willing to in the said relationship.

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But perhaps this is why our friendships are so cherished. We can back out of that relationship at any time, and yet when a friendship is truly authentic; we never do.

Via: Pexels

In a relationship of that nature, it can’t be stressed enough how important a best friend is to an individual. They aren’t just a friend; they are the family you chose. You’ve told them everything about yourself, every flaw, every mistake and yet they decided to stay because they believe you’re worth it. They have stuck with you through the good times and bad, and not once judged you along the way. You’ve told them your secrets and they’ve told you theirs. They are the first to know when you’re in a bad mood, and they can tell the difference between when you need support and some space. A best friend is one of the best relationships you could be a part of, so it’s obvious that you would want to know as much about them as possible. So here are 40 questions you need to ask your best friend;

  1. Who was their first love and why?
  2. What is that one thing they regret the most in life?
  3. Which parent do you think