7 Reasons Why Paying a Compliment Daily can Transform your Life.


We all go through days when we’re feeling melancholy, sad, pensive or simply irritable. And every time you try to cheer yourself up from the rut, you can’t help but mumble and grumble expletives through clenched teeth. The next time you find yourself hoping to watch the world burn, take a moment and look around your surroundings and pay a compliment to the first person you see. Easier said than done, I know but trust me, just taking a second to compliment someone’s hair, where they got those lovely shoes or simply how nice their smile is, both your worlds will be changed almost instantly.

So without further ado, these are the top 7 reasons why paying someone a compliment every day can transform your life.

7. Easier to forget negative thoughts.

The best way to shift attention from all the negativity going on in your life is to focus that attention on trying to make someone else’s a little bit sunnier. Who knows, in this age of social media, a compliment to someone you just met could go viral and before anyone realizes what happened, complimenting the next person they just pass on the street could become a trend. All great memes have to start from somewhere.

6. Smiling burns calories.

Who doesn’t like losing calories? Plus smile often enough and you might start laughing, and which burns even more calories.

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5. Compliments ignite creativity.

Sadness doesn’t just affect our moods, it can negatively impact our work as well. And yet an emotion so powerful can be defeated by a simple compliment. If you see someone struggling with their work, try to find anything positive to say to them, it just might remove that person’s mental block and help reach the solution much faster. Of course, something so drastic won’t happen to every person who receives a compliment, it would, however, create a positive space that just might make them think differently from that moment on. Like they say “A small act of kindness goes a long way”.

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4. The only thing Kindness kills is a bad mood.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Kill them with kindness” before. Well, don’t worry a compliment from you won’t, in fact, kill someone. The only thing kindness can kill is a sour mood or a bad memory, it won’t prematurely end the life of the person on the receiving end of the kindness. Trust me, try being nice to the person sitting next to you and watch what happens.

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3. Compliments are the building blocks of trust.

There is not a person alive on this green earth that doesn’t possess the need to be acknowledged. If someone notices even a minuscule thing about someone else, it shows that person “Huh! That person noticed me!!” We’ve all met “that shy one” in class or at the office, whose name no one remembers, perhaps your daily compliment could be all that they need to gain some confidence and who knows? They might even become a close friend you might otherwise never have had. Everyone needs at least one person in their lives that they can trust, and the more we build up others the more we’re also building ourselves.

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2. Karma.

“What goes around, comes around” and compliments are no different. When you compliment someone, chances are that they’re going to compliment you right back. And as stated above, when someone notices you, even if it’s for but a moment you can’t help but feel special. These special moments shouldn’t be underestimated, because they can be more than enough to only get through a crappy day, but keep you happy and productive. Plus, people like being around happy people and happiness can be contagious, so pretty soon, be it your classroom or your office building, it will be filled to the brim with happiness.

And finally, the biggest reason why you should compliment someone daily?

1. Compliments are FREE!

Who doesn’t like free stuff?



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