How to work when you are traveling!


This new age of the internet has its own perks as it allows you to work from anywhere in the world, and with people all over the world. In fact, there is an entire community dedicated to the people who travel from place to place and country to country while working on the side. These digital nomads seem to have everything figured out and, yes! you can too…

If you are just getting started with the whole digital nomad thing or are just looking to get some work done while traveling, then we have some tips for you.

Invest in a lightweight but powerful laptop

If you are just getting started as a digital nomad, then you really need to invest in a lightweight but powerful laptop. You might already have a laptop, but consider investing in a light-weight laptop because it can be a hassle to lug around an extra 10 lbs. Trust me; it can become a huge chore once you get down to it, and cutting the weight down in half means you can basically carry 5 lbs of extra stuff with you.

While buying a laptop that you will take with you on a trip, be mindful about the weight, performance and battery life because you don’t want something that’s out of juice in 2 hours. Get one that can provide you with at least 6 hours of battery life or more.

Invest in a good phone

Now, the second device which is a must-have is a good phone. While traveling, your mobile device is the second in command. A good phone is not just a way to connect with the world but also allows you to stay up to date with ongoing projects with notifications and calendar updates as well as ability to stay on top of emails and other communication channels.

When you can’t work on your laptop, you can still work on your phone. Get a phone that provides you with a big screen and ample battery life. You’ll be amazed by the amount of work you can get done on the phone, from replying to emails to writing small reports, all of that can be done on the phone with a big enough screen and a good battery life.

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Get light work done during travel

Instead of wasting time watching old movies, pull out that laptop or phone and get some light work done. Even if your flight is only a few hours long, getting work done during waiting times can hugely cut back the total amount of work you need to get done once you reach your destination. Working during the travel will make the entire travel a little more productive and allow you some extra time to get rid of the jet lag.

So, instead of sitting in boarding doing nothing, use those 10-20 minutes to work, then when you are in your plane, get back to work after a little rest and settling in. If you are traveling by bus, choose an option which is comfortable and offers you plenty of space to work. Those 20 minutes here and there do add up and by the time you have reached the destination you have cut through 2-3 hours of your total work which is a great deal of time.

Make a schedule ahead of time

Instead of waiting till you reach your destination and making a schedule to get back to work, figure this part ahead of time while traveling. Don’t wait until you get there to make a plan, instead, figure out the place you’ll be staying at and what you will be doing there ahead of time.

Give yourself some adjustment time, but don’t leave everything to be figured out once you get there. This will hugely improve your productivity once you reach your destination and you won’t have to waste time figuring it out later.

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Inform your team and client about your new schedule

When you are traveling, your timezone may not match with the timezone of your team and clients. In fact, your new schedule may not match up with them either. So it is important that you ping them ahead of time about your temporary new schedule and time zone so they know about your available times and when you won’t be available. This will remove any kind of confusion in communication and make your workflow even better.

If you travel a lot then traveling is second nature to you and it is essential that you figure out a system that helps you work while traveling. Use these tips to make your travel a productive one!


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