Somethings you don’t have to tell your significant other


You should always try to be honest with your spouse, but sometimes it’s okay to keep somethings to yourself. So here are few things you don’t have to share with your spouse.

 You love a midnight snack

 We’ve all have had cravings in the middle of the night, that irresistible urge to chow down on your favorite sweet or finish what’s left of dinner. There’s nothing wrong with that, but we can’t help but feel a little embarrassed when we’re about to make our way towards the door and our partner gives a little smirk because they know exactly what we’re about to do. And instead of feeling happy about our little snack we start feeling guilty.

Your Ex was better in bed

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Nothing hurts an ego more than being compared to an ex-lover and coming up shorts, things like these could potentially end relationships. Sex isn’t everything and if the fact that your spouse isn’t as good a deal breaker, then why mention it at all? All it does is needlessly hurt the person you care about. Besides, with enough practice, everyone can better.

Your parents think you have better options

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Because of course, they do. In your parent’s eyes, nobody will ever be good enough. And if by some miracle they are, your parents will never admit it. Even if you tell your partner not to worry about it, things like these tend to stick in the back of people’s minds. It can make to those occasional family get-togethers awkward and in some cases, your spouse might even begin to harbor animosity towards your parents. If you’re confident in your relationship and firmly believe your parents are wrong about your partner, then why bring it up at all? Save everyone the trouble, and any awkward positions it might put you in, just keep it to yourself.

You decided to spend a little

 There is nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while and as long as you’re responsible with your budget your partner might not even care but sometimes people don’t understand the value of what you bought and all they see is a price tag. So instead of having to go through to the bothersome process of explaining why the “expensive” item you bought is actually quite reasonable, just keep it to yourself and avoid the hassle.

Your friend’s secrets stay secret

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Don’t be one of “those” people, you know the one that decides to tell intimate things about their friends to their spouse. It’s understandable to want to share everything with your spouse, but your friend shared that secret with you, not your spouse. Respect that decision, because it’s not your secret to share. Moreover, your friend might feel betrayed, regardless of your intentions, no matter how pure. There is no harm in keeping your friend’s secret from your spouse.

You don’t need to tell them every dumb thing you did

 Perhaps you tripped and fell on your butt while walking along the sidewalk or ripped your pants at work, talking about these dumb things with your spouse can be fun and sometimes talking about such embarrassing things can make it easier to get over. However, don’t feel pressured to tell them every dumb thing you did, because while it’s fun to laugh it off together, sometimes you want to look cool and confident in front of them. There is no need for you to frequently call out your failings because at some point you might not help but start thinking they think less of you, even if they don’t.

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You’ve noticed they’ve started to gain weight

 There are a few things that are certain in life, death, taxes and gaining weight. If you’ve started to notice that your partner is starting to look a little heavier, as long as it’s not having a negative impact on their health, best to keep it to yourself. Everyone loves being told they’ve lost weight; no one likes being told they’ve gained weight. Instead of potentially hurting their feelings and self-confidence, look at it as an opportunity to start eating better as a family, or even working out together.

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You’ve fantasied about other people

 We’re all human, we can’t help but look at a handsome guy or a beautiful woman and start to wonder. But as long as you haven’t acted upon those thoughts, there is nothing wrong with keeping them to yourselves. Your partner won’t be able to help but feel inferior and in some cases, they might even feel betrayed, despite the fact that all you did was let your mind wander. Why put them through such a hurtful experience when what you did was harmless?


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