10 best ways to get the most out of your “Me” time


It’s always important to take some “me” time, but be it guilt, fear or even a lack of time, most of us can never truly get the most out of our “me” time and instead end up regretting even taking it. So to help you out with that, here are 13 best ways to get most out of your “Me” time.

1 Don’t feel guilty for taking “Me” time.

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First things first, never apologize for taking time out for yourself. The moment you start questioning it is the moment you will start regretting your choices. Taking time out for yourself isn’t a selfish desire, it’s something you require to be a better and healthier you.

2 Reframe your mindset.

That being said, it can be quite hard to do a quick 180. If it’s still too hard for you to justify taking some “Me” time, then even if you take time out for yourself, you won’t truly be able to enjoy it because of that lingering thought in your head. In such cases, try reframing your mind set.

Instead of thinking “My children need me and taking time for myself is time I’m wasting”

Rethink “My children need me at my best, and taking some Me time will rejuvenate me enough to better take care of them”

3 Don’t be afraid to extend your “Me” time.

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You might find yourself in a situation where the time you allocated for yourself wasn’t enough. You’re still tired, stressed out and ultimately overwhelmed. At such times, it’s important to understand that you’re not helping anyone by going back to your daily routine. Sure it can be frightening to think that you’re taking too much time off, but remember, to be truly effective, you need to be at your best. So take the time required to get to that point

4 Establish daily routines.

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Try incorporating “Me” time in your daily routines. This could mean taking a coffee break at a certain time or going to the gym. The purpose of routines is to get used to doing particular activities without even thinking about so adding “Me” time to your daily routines is a no brainer. This way you won’t even have to think about taking “Me” time

5 Try new things.

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Daily routines are great and all but, it can get quite tedious. When something becomes too tiresome to do, that’s an indication that maybe it’s time to try something different. Doing something over and over might lessen its effectiveness, so take this as an opportunity to try something fresh and exciting.

6 Your household tasks can also be your Me Time.

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No one likes doing chores, but they have to be done, so how about instead of dreading them, why not make it something you look forward to? Have a podcast you really want to listen to but can never find the time? Well, why not listen to it while washing the dishes? Little things like these can make even the most tedious of chores exciting.

7 Learn something new.

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Finally got some “Me” time but don’t know what to do? Well, why not take pick up a new skill? There is always room to improve yourself and it’s never too late to learn something new. Plus, picking up a new skill set can help you out in other aspects of your life and even open doors to new opportunities.

8 Go out.

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Sometimes a stroll through the park is all you need to clear your mind. Or if you’re feeling particularly active, try going on a hike. Nature’s beauty has a way to relaxing one’s mind and inspire them in a way they couldn’t even imagine. Plus, a bit of fresh air never hurt anyone.

9 Just stay in bed.

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Conversely, just stay in bed all day. Sometimes all a person needs to just stay in bed, watch a movie they’ve been planning on doing all week but never got the chance, or finally beat that troublesome boss in their favorite video game. We all need that one day where all we do is sleep all day.

10 Keep it simple

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One bad habit a lot of people have is that in their attempt to accomplish something, they turn even the simplest of things into the most complicated affair. The purpose of “Me” time is for relaxation. Keep that in mind and don’t over think it.




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