10 Wonderful Skills You Should Consider Learning


    1- Speed-Reading

    Credit – Rahul Shah – Pexels

    Love to read but don’t have time? Time is a finite resource, which means there’s only so much time we have in a day to accomplish everything we need to. This usually leads us to not being able to do things we enjoy – like reading. As the name implies, speed reading increases the rate at which a person can read, a useful skill set for those who enjoy reading but just can’t find the time.

    2- Taking better photos

    Credit: Andre Furtado – Pexels

    Love taking photos but no matter how hard you try the pictures don’t come out looking as good as you expected? Well, there’s more to photography than the quality of your camera. Simple to learn techniques, such as “rule of thirds” can vastly improve the quality of the photos you take.

    3- Changing A Tire

    Credit: Counselling – Pixabay

    If you drive a car, one of the most essential skills you need to learn is how to change a tire. Because if you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself in a situation where your tire has punctured the fact that you don’t know how to change said tire could mean that you’re most likely stranded until help arrives – and depending on your circumstances, that could be longer wait then you’re prepared for.

    4- Tying A Tie

    Credit: Free-Photos – Pixabay

    Whether you’re a student who likes to dress in style, or someone just entering the workforce, learning to tie a tie can really come in handy. No longer will you have to shoulder the embarrassment of asking someone else to tie your tie for you. Plus, there are some really cool knots out there that once learned can completely change the look of a traditional suit and tie combo.

    5- Improving your dancing

    Credit – Walid Riachy – Pexels

    Ever been to a party where you spent most of your time in the corner watching everyone else have a better time dancing. If you don’t know how to dance, it can not only be embarrassing but it also leads you to miss out on some great experiences. Those aren’t the only reasons to learn dancing however, the art of dancing can give you a serious boost to your confidence and provide new avenues of communication. Also, who doesn’t like standing out on the dance floor as people chant your name?

    6- Juggling

    Credit: moise_theodor – Pixabay

    Juggling is one of those skills that most likely won’t be useful practically but doesn’t hurt to have. Plus, juggling has some benefits most people don’t know, such as;

    • It improves focus and concentration
    • It Polishes coordination
    • It’s a good way to exercise your brain
    • An easy stress reliever

    7- Riding A Bike

    Credit: Snapwire – Pexels

    Never learned how to ride a bicycle when you were a child? Well, it’s never too late to learn. Cycling has proven to be one of the healthiest activities one can do. It’s not only great for weight-loss but also has long-lasting health benefits. Not to mention it’s the cheapest mode of transportation and quite eco-friendly.

    8- Making Paper Airplanes

    Credit – Aman jha – Pexels

    The question you need to ask yourself isn’t why you should learn how to make a paper airplane, it’s why not? One of the best, cheapest and easiest ways to fight boredom is by making paper airplanes. Not to mention the unmatched sense of accomplishment you achieve when your paper airplane flies further than anybody else’s.

    9- Performing Magic Tricks

    Credit – George Becker – Pexels

    What’s one of the easiest ways to impress someone? Performing a magic trick of course. It’s the perfect ice-breaker at social gatherings as even a simple coin trick can amaze people. Magic tricks also have a lot of personal benefits. It improves your critical thinking, expands your creativity and boosts your confidence. And who doesn’t like being the center of attention?

    10- Driving Stick

    Credit – Pexels – Pixabay

    There is a feeling of driving stick that automatic could never match. A person who drives stick has a better feel of the vehicle, what is required in most if not all situations. Driving stick requires you to have stronger coordinated movements and reflexes which result in a sense of control that automatic cars simply can’t match.  This is results in manual drivers being better drivers overall.  Manual cars are also more fuel efficient, so if nothing else consider driving shift because it’s more economical




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