5 ways you can maximize your weight loss


You’re on a diet and working out daily, and yet try as you might, you aren’t losing as much weight as you should be? It can be quite infuriating to work out hard and maintain a solid diet for weeks only to step on the scale and notice how little you’ve lost. Happen often enough, and you might decide to abandon the endeavor altogether. Before you do that, consider reading through this article and find 5 ways you can maximize your weight loss.

Create a plan tailor made for you.

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There is no such thing as a fit-all diet plan. Even if your weight is the same as someone else that doesn’t mean what works for them will work you. The reason why a general weight loss program won’t work for you is that it does not take into account the uniqueness of your body, lifestyle, and experiences.

Instead of going on the net and simply following one of the hundreds available weight loss programs, pick and choose what you think works for you. And don’t be afraid to drop things and add new ones, the key to a good plan is versatility and adaptability.

Diet is key.

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You can keep exercising until you collapse from exhaustion, but if you aren’t keeping your diet in control then there’s no point.

There’s a common misconception people have; they think that as long as they work out extra hard they can eat whatever they want. That’s just not true.

You see the purpose of a diet isn’t only to consume fewer calories, it’s also about selecting food that can properly fuel your body. To maximize the output of your exercises, you need a proper amount of carbs, electrolytes etc. and you won’t get that from a pizza.

You need to eat food that not only satiates your hunger but also provides your body with enough energy to effectively work out. One of the best ways to do that is by either keeping a journal or downloading an app that can keep track of what you eat. Then research what type of foods are good for keeping your appetite at bay and keeping your body energized.

Keeping a track of them through your journal would make it easier to develop a routine.

Don’t limit exercising to just the gym.

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Weight loss isn’t just an activity, it’s a lifestyle choice. And while going to the gym as often as possible is a good choice and quite beneficial, there are a lot of little things you can do to increase the effectiveness of your exercising.

Things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, 15-minute walks after eating, walking to work, doing some sit-ups/crunches during commercial breaks, or going hiking on the weekends. Simply put, try incorporating exercises in your daily routine.

Get some sleep.

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That’s right, sleeping is one of the best ways you can maximize your weight loss. There have been plenty of studies that have shown that a lack of sleep can not only stop you from losing weight but in fact cause you to gain it.

One such study was done by the American Thoracic Society International Conference, in 2006. According to the study, women that slept only five hours per night were thirty-two percent more likely to experience major weight gain & fifteen percent more likely to develop obesity as compared to the women who slept seven hours a night.

Both your body and mind require a proper amount of rest to keep them in top shape and if either suffers then so will your weight loss goal.

Take care of your mental health.

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The most important thing you need to do to maximize your weight loss is to keep yourself mentally healthy.

Much like other things in life, you must have the right attitude if you want to get something done.

There will be times when you’re frustrated with trying to lose weight, it may invoke feelings of anger, helplessness and ultimately cause you to fall into depression. This, of course, might lead you to abandon your exercises and diet.  Conversely, a positive attitude would make the whole endeavor easier.

Starting a weight loss program isn’t hard, maintaining it is. And to successfully maintain a weight loss program, you need to maintain your mental health.



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