7 Different ways to Kiss and What They Mean


We all enjoy kissing, there is no denying that, and some magical moments in your life could involve a kiss. A kiss is not restricted to just lovers though, there are many different types of kisses and they can all mean different things depending whom it’s coming from. There’s the fairytale-like the first kiss, or if you’re unlucky the uncomfortable slobbering mess. Also, the warm and fuzzy kiss on the injury from a parent after we get hurt that makes us believe everything is going to be all right.

Kissing is an art, and like art, each is a uniquely personal expression of the persons feeling and the interpretation is subjective. That’s why decided to create a list of a few different types kisses and what the intention behind them. These are by no means the only types of kisses out there, just a few that we thought were worth mentioning.

The Forehead Kiss

Credit: Inna Lesyk – Pexels

A kiss on the forehead is one of those kisses that seem simple at first glance but are in actuality quite powerful. Unlike other kisses, the about conveying genuine feelings. Think back to when you first got injured, do you remember your parents rushing to you fanatically to make sure you were all right? Do you remember them clutching you in their arms and kissing you on the forehead just to make sure you were okay? A friend may kiss you on the forehead when you’re feeling down, to let you know that they are there for you. A lover would kiss you on the forehead to show honest affection.

That’s what a forehead kiss is. It’s not about sexual affection, it’s about conveying emotion.

The Bellybutton Kiss

Credit: Diego Alves – Pexels

Now on to one of the more playful kisses, the bellybutton kiss is one of those fun kisses used to convey a feeling of joy and fun. While they can be more serious, considering how close they are to more intimate areas, a kiss on the bellybutton is more playful and an indication of how comfortable you are with your partner. It may be the first step to more intimate kissing but it’s also a way to show your partner that this more than just a fling. Because most people who aren’t interested in a relationship would not bother with a bellybutton kiss.

Neck Nibble

Credit: Natthanon Kongyam – Pexels

One of the more romantic kisses, if a partner kisses you on the neck, they’re trying to express their desire to arouse you. The reason behind why the neck peck is one of the tools of foreplay is because of the sensitivity of the neck itself and also how vulnerable it makes you feel. If you allow someone near your neck in such an intimate manner, it’s a sign that you are not only close to them but also reciprocate their feelings.

Cheek Peck

Credit: Priscilla Du Preez – Unsplash

If all you’re getting is a peck on the cheek, we have some bad news for you. That person is just not that into you. You see a kiss on the check is as platonic as you can get, it’s not about conveying emotion or sexual intimacy at all. It can be used by friends and family as a form of greeting, or by partners to convey that they’re not currently interested in physical acts at the moment. Simply put, a peck on the cheek is a friendly and cute way to greet someone you’re close to or let a partner know you aren’t in the mood.

The Body Kisses

Credit: Adina Voicu – Pixabay

Now back to one of the most romantic types of kisses, the body kisses. These aren’t just one or two kisses, but multiple and all over a person’s body. This type of kiss is usually reserved for when you or your partner are quite confident in your relationship and is a means to portray that intimacy. You aren’t just content with kissing you in one location, no the body kiss is a combination of genuine feeling and sexual intimacy. Kissing every part of your body to let you know just how comfortable they are with you.

The Long Deep Kiss

Credit: Joanna Nix – Unsplash

This is the type of kiss we all dream of, the magical moment where everything stops, time, worries and even our brains. The long deep kiss is a good indication that the relationship has progressed to the next level. And depending on how good it is, it can also be a good way to judge your chemistry.

The Wet Kiss

Credit: Cassie Lopez – Unsplash

This is one of those weird messy kisses that can either be good or bad. Good in the sense that you know what you’re getting into, they aren’t really about romance as much as they’re about physical contact. Bad in the sense that it could also mean your partner is a terrible kisser.

And there you have, these were some of the types of kisses and the meaning behind them, what are some of your favorite types?


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