Here’s what your friends want for their wedding


Spring is almost here and for some, that means warmer weather, and for others a well welcome break from school, for millions of couples, it’s the beginning of the wedding season.

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And with the wedding season comes, of course, the wedding registry, for those of you who don’t know, a wedding registry is simply a list of gifts that a couple wants for their wedding. Several stories offer this service free of charge and it makes it easier for the guest to choose a gift for the lucky couple. And several outlets report that in the US, 9 out of 10 soon-to-be-wed couples fill out a wedding registry.

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Looking back at the records of the wedding registry from various outlets, a surprising trend popped up in 2018. Apparently, two of the most popular wedding gifts were cookware and high tech vacuums. And while some items remained the prevalent choice throughout the country, new data suggest that preferred gifts differ depending on the state.

So if you’re wondering what might be the best gift to give to your friends for their wedding, sit back, relax and find out what’s the most popular item in your state.

Couples from New Jersey or Pennsylvania really want the Dyson Vacuum, more specifically the Ball Animal 2

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The love of our pets is only matched by the difficulty of cleaning up after them. You need a truly exceptional vacuum to thoroughly clean up after your pets, and it seems the people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey believe that Dyson is up for the challenge.

The marriage hopefuls from Massachusetts, North Dakota, Kansas, and Minnesota, would prefer the 11-Piece Calphalon Contemporary Non-stick Cookware set

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For the people trying to eat healthier, the nonstick surface will allow them to use less fat in their food and the fact that it can go into dishwashers make cleaning up that much easier. Furthermore, the oven safe pans and covers mean that you can finally try out that gourmet dish you’ve been dreaming of.

Live in New Mexico or Wyoming? Chances are your friends want the 12-Piece, Non-Stick Anolon Advanced Umber Hard Anodized, Cookware Set.

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Cooking just got easier, its Hard-Anodized constructions allow for effective, heat distribution and the shatter-resistant glass makes this a safe gift for even the clumsiest of couples.

Going to a wedding in California or Vermont? Then be sure to pick up the iRobot Roomba 690

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, there is such a thing as a Robot vacuum that runs on Wi-Fi. What will science think of next? A sleek and premium design, this vacuum is the go-to gift for your tech-savvy friends.

And like most things, it is, of course, Alexa supported.

Buying a wedding gift in Connecticut just got easier with this Stainless Steel Cookware 10-Piece Set from All-Clad

Credit: All-CladAmazon

The classic style with astonishing culinary execution, you will quickly become your friend’s favorite person when you buy them this exquisite cooking set.

5-quart KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer is on the minds of all the couples in Montana, Delaware, Washington, Hawaii, Oregon, Mississippi, Utah, and Idaho

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Have friends that are particularly foodie? Well look no further than this Artisan Stand Mixer, buying this versatile stand mixer could mean you getting invited for a lot more dinners at the house. So not only the perfect gift for your friends but a nice way to save money on dinner yourself.

Know a soon-to-be-married couple that lives in South Dakota, Wisconsin, Nevada, West Virginia, Alaska, Iowa, Maryland, Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado, Maine or Arizona? Chances are they want the Self-Sharpening Calphalon Contemporary Cutlery 18-Piece Set.

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Who doesn’t love a good knife set? The fundamental of cooking, when it comes to knives, you cannot compromise on the quality. And because it includes a block with a built-in sharpener that automatically sharpens each knife, this is one gift that’s going to have a long shelf life.

The couples from Michigan, Ohio, New York, New Hampshire, Indiana, and Rhode would be absolutely delighted to get the 14-piece Calphalon Classic Cookware Non-Stick, set as a wedding gift.

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This a must-have premium cooking set for any kitchen, with a lifetime guarantee, this is a gift that will keep on giving. So don’t hesitate, if you have friends living in the above mention area, buy them what they really want, buy them this cooking set.

So there you have it, folks, your wedding shopping just got way easier. No longer will you have to agonize over what to get your friends for their weddings, just use this list as a reference point and make the newly-weds grateful that they have you as a friend.


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