How to practice self-care to drastically change your life


In this age of hustling hard, everyone wants just to work, work, and work, and push themselves to the edge. The idea that your career should be your life has made people forget that they should have a life beyond their work. Amidst all this commotion, their mental health takes a toll, or their body is not able to keep up with their swinging schedules and routines leading to one or both of these things breaking down.

Burn out from overworking or overexerting energy gives us a good dose of reality that we are not invincible nor are we immortal. Here self-care comes in the picture. Taking care of your mind and body is an essential aspect of being human – something we regularly gloss over in our busy routine. But not anymore.

Learn how you can improve our life by making small changes and improve your mind and body.

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Stay in touch with your emotions

The first step to practice self-care is recognizing and differentiating between various emotions. Most of the time, we can’t even differentiate feelings of frustration from anger and stress from an uncomfortable environment. Having command over your emotions helps you figure out what you are feeling and the possible cause of the emotion.

Introspection is a much-needed prospect for any human being, as it allows you to get in your head and realize things you wouldn’t have otherwise. This can be achieved by writing down your thoughts throughout the day or at the end of each day. Take up journaling and write your thoughts like you are talking to yourself. Allow yourself to feel and experience what you are feeling and put it down in words regardless of your judgments, mood, and biases.

You’ll soon find out more about yourself than you ever knew before.

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Learn to deal with the stress

A lot of people think of stress as a negative thing, while that is true in most of the cases, it is also a sign that something needs to change. This change can come from within – in the form of change of behavior or thoughts – or from outside – in the form of a change in the environment.

In this case, stress can be the real motivator to bring about a change. It’s important to remember that we only get stressed when we are up against in a corner, so instead of going down at that moment, use this stress to make a positive change. Once you realize the reason behind the feeling of stress, you would be far more confident.

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Make a self-care routine

Self-care is not about just loving yourself or going to a spa every once in a while, for a much-needed massage. It is much more than that, and the essence of self-care is the realization that self-care is an important element of a healthy and happy life. Implement self-care routines based on what you and your body need in your daily life.

Self-care routines come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s in the form of a call to a best friend or close one, another time it’s a day off from work. It can be in the form of meditation practice to deal with your overactive mind or a skin care routine to make yourself feel beautiful inside and out. Choose a self-care routine and commit to sticking with it.

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Stay physically active

Walking or any physical activity adds such a liberating and positive feeling in your life that it’s surprising that more people don’t do it. The importance of going on a walk is documented throughout history. A lot of monumental discoveries have been made during the time of solitary walks, which tells us a lot about the power of physical activity to clear the mind.

Practice self-care by taking a walk at least once throughout the day or merely engaging in any other form of physical activity. Take a walk whenever you feel down, or bored and turn stressful energy in your body to physical one. Physical activity is also healthy for the body as well as your mind.

Self-care is simply knowing yourself and making changes in your life to lessen the stress. Once you take control of your emotions, you will definitely feel positive about life. Don’t ignore the signs and make changes in your life to make room for self-care.



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