Things successful people do before officially ending the workday


After a busy and tiring workday, you may feel tempted to leave everything and head home for a relaxing day, but successful people make the best of the last few minutes of the workday by doing few things that make a huge difference in their life. These small changes in your workday routine have a huge impact on your workday productivity. They also help you stay organized and relatively stress-free.

Empty your inbox

Inbox and emails are one of the main ways to communicate with clients, and co-workers and any unread or unanswered emails can be a constant source of stress for you. Don’t let the thought of something important sitting in your inbox unanswered linger and check your inbox before leaving for the day.

Successful people don’t let unread emails overwhelm them and stay on top of the tasks they need to do. Before you leave for the day, respond to the emails you can and schedule tasks for the next day as you are emptying inbox to make sure you don’t forget something important. This simple habit will save you from a lot of stress and worry the next day.

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Plan for the next day

In a similar vein, before you clock out for the day, make sure to check the calendar and update your to-do list. If there are some carryover tasks to be done tomorrow, add them to the calendar. To-do lists are an essential tool for staying productive throughout the day, so make sure that no task is left accounted for by updating your list before leaving for home.

Making a list is important because if you don’t, you might keep worrying about what you need to do the next day, but once you have everything down, you can leave with the guarantee that you can accomplish those tasks the next day.

Clear your desk

When you work, it’s hard to keep things in their place, because let’s admit it, no matter how much you try it’s hard to keep the clutter away. Successful people also have trouble keeping things organized, but they make a habit of clear out their workspace or desk from all the clutter before they leave for the day. An organized workspace equates to unorganized mind, so before leaving for the day clear out all the clutter and throw away anything that’s not important.

Make it a habit to put things back where they belong as you are using them. Having a clean and organized desk the next day allows you to start the day on a positive note and it is only possible if you clear it the day before. It would just take a few minutes to clean, and the rewards and benefits outweigh the cons of leaving a few minutes early.

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Strengthen connections

A demanding job and numerous meetings during the day can make you feel disconnected from the people around you. But successful people make sure that they stay in touch with those who share the same workspace as them. They understand the importance of making and nurturing connections and use the last few minutes of the workday to strengthen connections with people who they work with.

You have just spent the entire day working and now is your chance to keep the connections alive. Once you are done for the day, stay for a few extra minutes and talk to people. You can talk about something mundane like a new TV series or the latest episode of Game of Thrones, however, don’t give spoilers to those who hadn’t had the time to catch up yet.

Officially end the day

While leaving for home, make sure that you are leaving all the worries and troubles related to work at the workplace. It’s common for work-related worries to bleed into your home life, but successful people make it a habit to strike a balance between work and life. They leave their work behind as soon as they leave office and you should too.

Don’t take home work from the office and wait a few minutes to gather your thoughts before leaving because if you make a habit of taking work to home, you won’t know where it would end. Successful people make sure that they never let the boundaries between work and home blur and only take work home during exceptional circumstances.

These things are simple and easy to implement and would only take less than 20 minutes to do. Stay mindful of your actions and make your departure from the workplace just as pleasant as you want your next day to be. Set a strong foundation for a successful day ahead by leaving on a strong and positive note.



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